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In honor of Spring and its vitality, we recently released our new spring line of fabrics .  We are Super Excited about the results. This is such a fun experience, we thought you would like to share in the creation process.  


Some of our New Spring Fabrics

We started with an Idea; to create a multidimensional floral that was modern and sweet with bright and fun coordinates.  We envisioned a fun flirty floral that layered in bright coordinates that could stand on their own.  


The first step was to create the coordinates.  Each coordinate needed to have a scale and color tone that complimented each other.  This was accomplished by creating a geometric print (Staccato) and a softer lace print (Charming) that incorporated the same scale.  We love them as individual prints!

Our Coordinates


Now the floral…

We began by drawing the floral and leaf shapes.  Whimsical, fun and a bit classically cute we stayed away from a realistic look to get what we wanted.  Now happy with our shapes, it was time to put all the elements together.    


Staccato as the background because it adds depth and texture without drawing too much attention to itself.


Charming as the floral center because it added a touch of innocence that is inherent in Spring.


Scroll (in the beginning) as our leaves to tie to previous fabric offerings. 

 Some of Our Initial Elements

And on Second thought…..


As the process came together we did our first design edit.  This is often the most important part of the process as it finalizes the feel and look of the fabric. 


The scale on the scroll was off and competed with the other fabrics so we changed it right away. We substituted the same print as the background just on a different scale.  We adjusted the lace to a bigger version to make it more visually appealing.  We darkened the center of the flower to anchor the print and added small dots to draw it all together.  Now the fabric balanced texturally and visually so we were able to arrange the features into a repeating pattern.  


Choosing our Palette….


We know that our offerings lack blue, so we started there and designed the original print in the navy colorway. We wanted to offer more color in general but needed a few spring prints to follow. 


The Evolution…


To create the pink version we had to consider each color we had used, and rework it to be the lovely pink that we used in the end. (Each of our prints is designed on the computer and the way it looks on our screens vs. once it’s been printed on fabric can sometimes be drastically different. So we did a print version of each of these renditions as the process unfolded!)

 The Color Progression
  • We loved the background Pink and it remained the same throughout
  • On the first print we realized color in the flower was just a bit too bright and harsh. Those were changed to Navy to give it a more classic look. 
  • The leaves were then desaturated so they better coordinated with the overall classic look we wanted to achieve.  
  • The centers became black to give it some distinction, 
  • the lace was turned a lighter cleaner grey/white that added to the sweetness of the print while keeping the classic feel.  


We finally had a combination we loved!


The Final Result


 A sweet pink floral that is feminine and Perfectly suitable to spring, but with a classical elegance and subtlety that our first several versions lacked.  

 The Final Result 


We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about our process. Order a new spring tote (online or with your Style Mentor) using the code SPRING for 10% off! This week only! (offer ends May 2, 2018) As always feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming a Style Mentor, or being connected with one to schedule your own design experience. sales@toocutetotes.com 



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