Our Kansas City Move


The Moving Process
So..we are new to the Kansas City Market.  Too Cute Totes moved to Lenexa, Kansas at the beginning of 2017 after 11 years in Fallon, Nevada!  The move was a hard decision but the right one as Karen’s family was relocating to this area.


Moving brought many challenges and exciting developments.  Once the physical move was complete we made the decision to forego the status quo. This was our new opportunity to think “outside the box” and turn our processes upside down!  It resulted in a complete overhaul of our manufacturing process.   It was time to improve the way we sew each of your totes!

Our Kansas City Design Execution Team 


Moving provided the perfect backdrop to change from a process with high inventory, labor, and margin of error, to a more accurate, and customizable process. We found a manufacturing partner that enabled us to print our own fabric! It also opened the door to do the majority of our cutting by machine (we used to cut everything entirely by hand) creating less waste and improving the consistency and quality of our final product. All while maintaining the level of customization that allows each tote to meet your specific needs. 




 Some totes with TCT's exclusive prints, made using our new process


Switching processes has come with some other amazing benefits. We now design all of the prints that we offer. Each fabric available is now exclusive to TCT!  The fabric is also recycled!  It’s been a steep but exciting learning curve.


We are excited to continue providing you with new designs, and continue striving to provide you with an even better product. 


If you are interested in a Design Experience, to see our new products in person (individual or group design experience) email sales@toocutetotes.com and we’d love to connect you with one of our amazing Style Mentors. If you’re interested in becoming one of our Style Mentors please reach out! We would be honored to talk to you about this opportunity. 




  • Jane Smith

    Karen! So excited for your move, expansion and innovation. Way to go girl! So inspiring!

  • Sandi Lauersdorf

    Love your new fabrics! Hope to see you when I’m back that way in a few weeks. Love you!!!!!

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