Our Founder and Original Style Mentor- Karen Scott

Karen Scott 


Meet Karen—a wife, mother of two, and the owner of Too Cute Totes. Originally from Los Alamos, NM, Karen married a Navy helicopter pilot.  Their adventures eventually took her to Fallon, NV where she started Too Cute Totes.

In the beginning she created totes in her living room with the help of some great friends. She eventually moved the business to a retail location that kept expanding in size.  By 2015 she had a small retail spot in a local Christian book store and a lively but small production shop.   In late 2016 Karen’s family and the business moved to the Kansas City Metro Area. We are incredibly excited about the changes that the move has brought! 

Karen Sharing a Design Experience


Karen’s story is unique to say the least.  She is strong, determined and dedicated to everything she puts her mind to.  Her early story includes many long nights sewing until 3 am with her kids snuggled in the back room because demand didn’t know her husband’s travel schedule. 

It involves meeting the right people at the right time and getting introduced to new opportunities in perfect timing.  It involves a scary fight with cancer and her conviction that it all happens for a reason to put her where she needs to be. 

While navigating all this, she leads our Style Mentors and finds time to design new styles, fabrics, and jump on the line and sew when necessary (she may have even put some stitches in YOUR tote)!  She has weathered some ups and downs and TCT has come out better with every evolution.  

A Trinity Featuring Karen's Ogee Green

One of Karen’s favorite prints is “Karen’s Ogee Green.” This was one of our very first exclusive designs made specifically with Karen in mind. 


For her everyday tote Karen carries a Natasha. She loves it due to the roomy interior and functionality. She uses it to carry “everything & the kitchen sink.”  On days she doesn’t need  to haul around quite as much you’ll see her carrying her Caris tote. She loves the shape and the smaller but still roomy size! 


If you have questions, are interested in hosting a party or becoming a style mentor feel free to contact Karen at sales@toocutetotes.com

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