The Experiences that Grew Us!

A selection of our totes

From Cottage Industry to Small Manufacturer, Too Cute Totes has come a long way. We started with one woman, a dream and a sewing machine. The days of sewing in her home slowly grew to something much more. Demand for TCT Design Experiences grew and Karen needed to bring on help. Even with help from the time you ordered to receiving your custom tote could take up to 14 weeks!


The wall of fabrics!

Karen began with a small selection of fabric yardages that a client would get to choose from to create their unique style.  As we brought on Style Mentors demand increased and she started buying by the bolt. Style Mentors received a swatch of each new fabric to facilitate client designs. The growing demand led Karen to move the business out of her home and open a dual retail and /manufacturing space in Fallon, NV. 


The original process was very time and labor intensive. We had an amazing opportunity when Nevada Industry Excellence came and found ways to significantly increase our efficiency. (you can read more about that here: 


Sewing a tote strap!

Our growth continued, we brought on many Style Mentors in several states. Our lead times dropped to 4-6 weeks.  Karen designed more base tote styles, and gained a faithful following. Some of our regular customers have over 15 totes!

Over the years we’ve grown and changed. But, the goal has remained the same— to provide a unique Custom Design Experience for our clients and provide them with a high quality product they love. We’ve had our challenges.  Some of our most significant changes came when we moved to Kansas City. Both are stories for another time.

Just another stop on the journey to create Design Experiences People Love.

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